How Transparent Reporting Empowers Your Business Decisions

How Transparent Reporting Empowers Your Business Decisions

One of the best tools any law firm can use in its quest for successful online marketing is transparent reporting. This is just as it sounds. Reputable online marketing agencies who work with law firms provide ongoing updates that are completely transparent.

Transparency includes the use of metrics that are both diverse and constant. When all of these metrics and the entirety of transparent reporting is completed, business decisions can be made more clearly. That is due to the fact that law firms are provided with all the specific details of their current marketing campaign and here is a look at what goes into that.

Convenient Reporting Dashboard

Clients are provided with an easy-to-use dashboard that will show them vital statistics in real time. These results are updated regularly and log visits, sessions and other relevant metrics. Being able to use a reporting dashboard to track progress as marketing companies provide evidence of what they are doing.

Exact and Precise Metrics

Metrics are available for clients to see on their dashboard. However, these are not metrics used for aesthetic purposes. Metrics such as users and sessions are showcased along with conversion rate and site health metrics. These relevant metrics provide law firms with an exact view of how their campaign is going.

Extensive Phone Call and Conversion Tracking

One of the most transparent of all these tools is the ability to track phone calls and conversations. This is a sign of progress as law firms can see for themselves just how many new calls were received. The number and length of calls are recorded and indicate quality leads as potential clients are usually a direct result of high-ranking SEO or an SEM campaign.

Review/Reputation Management

These actions are right there in the open for clients to see. Social media campaigns provide a snapshot of what is being done to engage users. All activity is tracked as there are various tools to carry out this task. The results are then made available for clients to see.

The decision to invest heavily in one area of advertising or marketing is not something any law firm takes lightly. However, when presented with the facts in their entirety, decisions can become a lot easier to make. Above Law Marketing provides transparent reporting and also takes the time to explain that reporting in detail to our clients. There are no uncertainties in the midst of our marketing services.


Search Engine Optimization For Lawyers


A successful SEO campaign will allow a law firm to reach the top of Google rankings for their respective area. However, there is a lot that goes into achieving these rankings. SEO does not involve paying for ads or placement in the rankings but is a thorough and detailed approach that takes expertise and time to develop. But when SEO is successful, it can result in a high influx of new business.

AboveLawMarketing MarketingServices 3 11There is a lot that goes into a successful SEO campaign and overlooking one small step could prevent a high ranking. Here is a look at some of the essentials that come with successful SEO for lawyers.

  • Quality content – There needs to be a purpose for the content that appears on an attorney website. Low quality content earns low rankings while high-quality content has the adverse effect.
  • Website structure – Websites are susceptible to sustaining a lot of issues in terms of how they are built. The structure of a website needs to avoid common issues that impact the overall ranking.
  • Google compliant – There are specific guidelines and parameters Google uses to rank websites. There are also ever-changing, so it is important to maintain compliance, even as the latest trends start to shift.
  • User friendly – The experience of each user comes down to how the content is viewed. Websites that are not engaging do not allow for extended consumption of website content.
  • Credibility – This may be defined more aptly as authority. This simply means that your website stands out from the rest of your competitors in the legal field and provides credibility as an authority in your specialty area.

Law firms can start to see results in a short amount of time, although the most successful SEO typically takes a full six months to show its best results. Achieving a high ranking organically just does not happen overnight. An initial website audit will determine the problem areas and an SEO plan will be put in place to correct those issues. There is a lot that can be done to help a website achieve optimal SEO.

SEO for lawyers is an excellent way to build their brand and appeal to local clients. SEO can be geared towards geographic areas as attorneys will target specific areas where potential clients reside. The team of professionals at Above Law Marketing has the experience and expertise to provide law firms with a successful SEO campaign that will generate results.


Search Engine Management For Attorneys


Attorneys continue to use SEM (Search Engine Management) as one of the most successful ways to expand their client base. This is often perceived as a complement to the use of organic strategies. SEM is a way to develop leads that are considered high quality by focusing on a very specific target audience. That is not without cost as an SEM campaign is going to cost, although the results are going to be rapid.

PPC – It is important not to go with just any online marketing company for your PPC campaign. There is a tremendous amount of research and industry knowledge that goes into running a PPC campaign. It is a detailed and structured campaign that is also adjusted over the course of time. There is also a necessity to be precise since this ais a paid form of advertising.

Adwords – This type of Google Ad campaign relies on the use of the best keywords. There is an ample amount of research that goes into using the right keywords. It also involves monitoring and updating the campaign in order to fully optimize a client’s budget. Ad words are also available on other search engines, such as Bing, but can become quite costly.

Bing – While Google has a monopoly over the search engine market, Bing comes in second. Therefore, it is still a smart move to optimize a website so that it scores high ranking on Bing search engine. There are instances when demographics of Bing are more in line with an attorney’s target audience and clientele. Ad campaigns on Bing can also help kickstart and influx of new leads.

Google Screened (local service ads for attorneys) – Hiring a law firm that is Google screened will help put clients’ minds at ease. Law firms can earn a Google Screened badge for providing business information and passing certain background checks. Having the right SEM campaign approach can help law firms attain Google Screened status, which will only enhance their brand.

A comprehensive SEM campaign accounts for all the aforementioned factors and utilizes them to the greatest extent. However, the same SEM is not applicable to all businesses. Law firms seeking out immediate results can focus more on the PPC aspect of things, although that still needs to be done with precision.

Above Law Marketing can put together an SEM campaign to help get your law firm maximum results. Our team of professionals will work to provide you with the best in law firm SEO marketing.


Social Media Marketing & Trends For Attorneys & Law Firms

Social Media Marketing Trends For Attorneys Law Firms


Social media marketing has become a major component for law firms looking to attract new clients. However, most law firms do not have in-house personnel who are equipped to handle everything involved in social media marketing. Many times, this is outsourced and best left to the professionals who attend to this task and here’s a look at the latest social media marketing trends for attorneys.

PPC campaign management

PPC (Pay per click) management is one of the most essential trends for generating leads and expanding online visibility. The campaign is typically handed over to an outside company, which devotes its time to everything this process entails. That includes keyword analysis, competitive analysis, which channels to target and landing page creation. This process also includes PPC testing and continual monitoring. All this may not be common knowledge among attorneys. Therefore, a company specializing in PPC management will be able to maximize the campaign in an effort to get the best results.

One of the most essential parts of a PPC campaign is creating the right landing page. This is the page where users will be taken after clicking on the ad. If this content is not engaging and relevant, then a potential client could quickly slip away.

Facebook Insights

One of the best ways to locate a target audience is through the use of Facebook insights. This allows a Facebook campaign to target individuals based on their user data. This could include a target audience in a certain geographic area or even target individuals based on income level or marriage status. Locating a target audience is just part of this process, which is followed up with the development of a natural interaction with users.

Twitter Ad campaign

Networking on Twitter is growing in popularity among law firms as it is a way to establish authority while also providing quality content. Sharing quality content is productive, although it sometimes needs a jumpstart. Utilizing a Twitter Ad campaign is a way of raising engagement. This is accomplished by promoting tweets in addition to using tools that direct ads to a target audience. It can even be done to target the competition’s audience.

These methods require a consistent approach and precise management of the respective campaigns. Above Law marketing attends to all those areas and allows law firms to go about their daily business while we help drive new leads and prospects their way.


The Top Attorney Directories


The Top Attorney DirectoriesSeeking out an attorney often involves the assistance of a directory. There are several reputable directories that are used quite often and with much success. Part of successfully marketing a website involves attaining listings in some of the top directories. Getting listed in directories also helps in the overall Google ranking. Above Law Marketing gets its clients listed in the top attorney directories that are used throughout the country, some of which are as follows.


Local Attorneys

This website allows users to search specific locations while also including practice areas in those searches. There is also a section for news and articles, in addition to an abundance of law firm profiles. This is original content that is not borrowed from other websites.


This website not only provides a directory of attorneys, but it also gives users the option of asking questions directly on the website. An Avvo representative responds with answers, thus heightening the overall user experience.

Find Law

This is one of the more comprehensive websites for individuals with questions about legal services. It provides updated blogs, in addition to detailed information broken down by practice area.


This is more than just a directory that connects lawyers to clients, but it is also perceived as a type of legal encyclopedia. This website also offers users the option of shopping for products, which include informational products that assist with making a will, filing for bankruptcy and more.


A wealth of information is available on this website that includes free legal guides on all types of law. It also features a section for cases in the news, legal research, as well as a host of other valuable resources. There is also an area that helps users find a lawyer that is right for them.

A law firm that appears in these directories enhances its overall chances for drawing in new clients. But new clients do not always have to find a law firm via these sites. The fact that a law firm is listed in multiple directories improves its Google ranking. This is accomplished because the SEO is bolstered by the fact that these large and reputable sites provide backlinks to a law firm’s website. High rankings also lend credibility to users as some may choose a law firm simply because its online visibility.

Above Law Marketing has the ability to use all the prominent directories to get your website a high ranking, which leads to more potential clients.


Auditing Your Legal Website For Issues

Auditing Your Legal Website For Issues


Law firms meticulously go over the details and intricacies of many cases, lawsuits, legal notices and more. So why wouldn’t that kind of detail also be put into the design and functionality of the law firm’s own website? Auditing your legal website will point out all the flaws and, more importantly, provide a step towards fixing them.

Above Law marketing can identify everything that is not up to par with a quick website audit. That includes a host of major problem areas which includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Major errors
  • Warning or notices
  • Technology used
  • Design elements
  • Page speed
  • Markups
  • Meta tags
  • Age
  • Use of domain

All these factors are important because they play a role in the Google rank of a legal website. And just because a website ranked highly a year ago, it does not mean that it will retain that ranking. There are always modifications that need to meet with the ongoing changes that go into Google rankings. An audit will shed light on the reasoning for a website’s current Google rank.

Part of the audit examines on-site and off-site issues. An off-site audit will examine such areas as the amount of backlinks and website authority. Meanwhile, an on-site audit takes a look at metatitle descriptions, SSL certificate, duplicate content and more.

Another important area that is investigated in an audit is the CMS (content management system). In the event that the CMS is not updated, the entire law firm can be at risk. An update of the CMS will help to keep a website secure while also fixing technical issues and improving functionality. A website audit will bring up any issues with the CMS and provide a blueprint for what needs to be fixed.

Website Auditing As An Investment

In the current digital age, a good website can be the difference in gaining new clients or seeing the decline of a law firm. The COVID-19 pandemic has only strengthened the need for a strong online footprint. Without one, a law firm could quickly start to lose out on potential clients and that could lead to a steep decline in business.

A website audit conducted by Above Law Marketing will show your law firm exactly what needs to be done to start bringing in new clients. Think of the audit as a health check for the website. Diagnosing what is not working and offering a remedy is a major step on the pathway to success.


Website Design Trends For Attorneys


Attorney websites differ from that of other businesses and there is a need to be precise in how they are constructed. Many browsers who arrive at these sites are looking for a specific service and the ability to engage and attract potential clients has a lot to do with the website. Here is a look at some of the latest design trends for attorney websites.

Easy Sharing

Just about everyone with a mobile phone has some type of social media. Over the course of a day, people are looking to share content on their mobile devices. However, if they have to search a website rigorously to find a way to share content, then chances are they probably won’t do it. Adding social media share buttons in an easy-to-find location on all pages is a way to generate more leads.

Snackable Content

There is a need to appeal to mobile users and that can be accomplished through the use of content that is considered snackable. This is content that is engages readers and is often visually appealing. This can include a variety of formats or other worthwhile content that is more likely to be shared. Including this type of content, which is regularly updated, is a way to keep readers engaged to a brand. Videos, infographics, quote graphics, gifs and memes are all types of snackable content.

Rich Content

Pages that feature practice areas can now include the entirety of information that has been produced on this topic. It can also include similar types of news, case studies and other relevant content. This type of detailed content lends credibility to visitors as well as search engines. Adding links and additional information allows the content to take on an air of authority.

PDF Generators

A PDF generator makes it easy for users to download content and while it can be shared, it is often stored or printed out for personal use. It also has a benefit for the law firm as the PDF generator allows for easy printing of content that can be distributed to clients. This is a benefit because it allows materials to stay in the same format whether it is in print or digital form.

Mobile Friendliness

Being mobile-friendly is a must nowadays. Websites need to have the capability of automatically detecting devices. An updated website design can cure this issue as it is a major drawback that could drive people away. Responsive design gives websites the capability of adjusting to user devices and is considered an essential.


Why You Need Your Best Website Right Now

Why You Need Your Best Website Right Now


Traditional forms of marketing are being thrown by the wayside more and more each day. The importance of online marketing has quickly taken over for other forms of advertising. And for businesses to be successful, there is a need for a high-ranking website.


The coronavirus outbreak has made people even more reliant on the internet. This remains true when seeking out legal services as well. People are now turning to their only devices to seek out services of all types. Moreover, many consultations are being done virtually. This makes it imperative for law firms to invest in a quality website that provides searchable results and a strong interactive experience.


Websites that are optimized for search engines are seen by a much higher number of potential clients. This allows law firms to broaden its reach when promoting their services. This is key component of success and many law firms invest thousands of dollars in SEO. Doing so with a reputable online marketing company can help law firms see a high return on investment. This will allow the website to be viewed by local consumers who are seeking out particular services.

Social Media Is Not Enough

Businesses cannot rely on social media alone to drive new business. Social media remains a good tool to complement a website, although it is not enough standing on its own. Moreover, Facebook pages need a landing page where users can see what services are offered in greater depth. Social media is much cheaper to operate, although it is important not to get caught up in pinching pennies when it comes to online marketing.


Google can be a law firm’s best friend. However, there are certain steps to take in achieving a high Google ranking. Consumers use Google searches to find just about everything. Knowing how to achieve a high Google ranking is something best left to the professionals as there are always changing trends in how websites are ranked. A good Google ranking can make or break a business.

Generate Leads

In the online age of marketing, a good website is a way of generating leads. Users are quickly to leave a website if it is not done right. One misstep in creating a website could lose potential clients forever. However, doing it right could turn leads into prospects and lead to new clients.


Marketing Your Law Firm

Marketing Your Law Firm


Attorneys are experts in certain practice areas and that has allowed them to bring in sizeable compensation for their work. But when it comes to online marketing, it is a job best left to the experts in that field. A quality online marketing company has the capability of bringing law firms to new heights with a variety of marketing services. That begins with a comprehensive website audit that will serve as a blueprint on how to best optimize and market the online brand moving forward.

Around-The-Clock Salesman

When a law firm’s website is designed and optimized for success, it creates a type of salesperson who works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This involves more than just some descriptions about attorney services. There is an abundance of ways to use a law firm website as an unrelenting marketer that does not have a day, or even an our off.

Target Audience

Marketing your law firm online needs to be done with a specific audience in mind. For example, a family lawyer is not as likely to target elderly people who may be more inclined to search of an attorney who specializes in estate planning. Knowing the target audience is integral when it comes to coming up with a marketing strategy that is built specifically for them.

Quality Leads

It is important to generate leads that can turn into clients. And just because a website has a lot of visitors, it does not necessarily mean they are all leads. SEO and SEM campaigns are designed to bring quality leads to a website. That means it will be people in a specific area looking for a specific service. Here is a look at some marketing services that can help build the brand and reach of a law firm.

  • PPC campaigns
  • Social media marketing
  • SEM and SEO
  • Transparent reporting

Providing clients with an easy-to-navigate dashboard lets them see just how much progress is being made with their respective marketing campaign. Marketing a law firm online is not something lawyers should have to do on their own. It is also not something most lawyers are skilled at doing. Therefore, it pays to hire an outside company to handle the online marketing. It may be a small price to pay for sizeable rewards.

Above Law Marketing uses the latest trends, insights and analytics to build law firm websites into high-ranking properties that receive an upsurge in organic views and traffic. Contact us today to see how we can help your business succeed in today’s complex digital environment.


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