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Applications for social security are typically denied on the first attempt. That leaves a lot of people searching for help. Above Law Marketing steps in and uses proven marketing methods to find those people and improve the reach and client base of law firms specializing in social security disability benefits.

Website Hosting and Design

Finding a web host can be time consuming for social security disability lawyers. This task can be handled by the team at Above Law Marketing as we can find the right website host for your site and also design the site in its entirety. These are key components in the first part of the online marketing process for social security disability attorneys.


Search Engine Optimization has to be specific and carefully researched in order to be successful. Social security disability law firm websites should be created with the appropriate keywords within the content. We rely on proven SEO methods to ensure your law firm shows up when local residents search for social security disability law firms.

Social Media Campaigns

Developing a successful social media campaign takes a lot of time and industry knowledge. We have the experience and expertise to put together a social media campaign that will bring prominence, credibility and new clients to your law firm. Our team handles all the specifics of social media marketing and that includes engagement and content creation.

PPC and SEM Campaigns

A Pay Per Click and Search Engine Marketing campaign is typically a wise investment for social security disability benefit lawyers. This is because most people conducting this search are older and have a tendency to click on the first link they see. A PPC and SEM campaign will push your entry right to the top and help generate credible leads during regular online searches for social security disability lawyers.

Transparent Reporting and Website Auditing

Our team reports all the changes and trends in your website with detailed reporting that shows up in a dashboard you can access at any time. We also audit websites to show law firms their online shortcomings. All this information is used to remedy issues and improve your overall online presence.

Live Chat

It is only natural for a denied social security claim to generate questions. Online browsers with questions can be directed to a Live Chat in which their information is collected. This provides a greater chance of turning leads into clients.

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