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Law firms that focus on litigation spend more time in court than other attorneys. That naturally changes the approach they will need to use to attract new clients. Above Law Marketing integrates the litigation factor into our legal services marketing as a way of developing relevant leads who can turn into actual clients.

Focus on Marketing

At Above Law Marketing, we make it a point to focus on the most effective marketing techniques for litigation attorneys. A law firm that specializes in litigation is going to appeal to its own distinct audience and we can hone in on that demographic through the use of the following methods of marketing.

  • Social Media – Marketing campaigns are designed across social media platforms and specific strategies are employed to generate the utmost success.
  • PPC – Pay Per Click Advertising is designed to bring relevant users to your website. That is why it is important to craft your PPC campaign accordingly.
  • SEM – Search Engine Marketing is similar to PPC as your results will appear as an ad at the top of search engine results. We design SEM campaigns specifically for litigation attorneys.

Building a better website

The building blocks of a litigation lawyer website are the starting point for marketing success. Our team at Above Law Marketing will put the necessary pieces in place for your firm to be successful and that includes the following:

  • Website Hosting – Your litigation law firm can trust our team to take care of securing a website that is flexible, responsive in design and easy to navigate.
  • Website Design – Creating a website involves site architecture, content and more. We have the personnel who can design a functional and appealing website.
  • SEO – Our SEO research team takes the time to find the right litigation keywords that will allow your website to show up in the top of search engine results.

Maintaining a productive website

Once a litigation law firm website is up and running, it is important to monitor its success. We have a team that is dedicated to the maintenance of your law firm website and that includes the following services:

  • Live Chat – Maintaining productivity sometimes depends on engaging browsers and that can be done around the clock with a Live Chat option.
  • Transparent Reporting – Visit an easy to use dashboard to monitor the latest developments, trends and progress of all the marketing efforts conducted by Above Law Marketing on your website.
  • Website Auditing – An audit of your litigation website will point out the areas that need to be fixed and how our team can bolster your online footprint.
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