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Above Law Marketing is ready to boost the performance, appearance and functionality of your legal website. Our website design team has years of experience designing successful websites for all types of attorneys and law firms. Our services provide you with a state-of-the-art website that includes a variety of features.

Fast load time

Our website design will provide you with a legal website that is fast loading. There will not be any waiting around for the website to load. This is extremely important as most users exit if website’s load time exceeds a few seconds.

Responsive Web Design

Your legal website is designed to accommodate all user devices. Our website design services allow your website to meet the demands of a desktop, smart phone or tablet. This is a tremendous advantage as users are more likely to leave a website that is not responsive to their device.

SEO friendly

Our design team carefully selects Search Engine Optimization content that will help boost your results in online searches. We understand how Google rankings work and adjust our SEO to meet those demands. We also update content to conform to the ever-changing SEO algorithms by Google and other major search engines.

Customized Practice Areas

Our website design service can be customized according to your specific practice areas. We can also add as many practice areas as you need. We can build a customized website with unlimited practice areas and pages that highlight each specific component of a practice area.

Live Chat

A Live Chat option is available on your legal website, which is a tremendous way to gain new clients. Many people who browse legal websites are looking for immediate answers and a Live Chat service can help boost SEO and increase your ROI.

Blog Posts

One way to separate your legal service from others is to establish credibility in your areas of practice. That can be helped by an updated blog that can be integrated into the design of your website. We will provide informative and original blog posts by professional writers.

It is important for any business providing legal service to expand their online footprint. That is a task best left to the professionals at Above Law Marketing. We have helped countless attorneys and law firms achieve superior results with the design of a website specific to their practice areas. For the top legal service website design, contact Above Law Marketing today.

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Legal Website Design Services

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