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There are specific strategies involved in marketing for lawyers who specialize in wills, trusts and estate planning. Above Law Marketing understands the nuances involved and that has helped our team develop marketing techniques to help law firms who represent clients in the execution of wills, trusts and estate planning.

Building your website

Above Law Marketing can build your website into a productive tool used to market your law firm. That begins with the process of attaining a host and then actually creating the website. Our services are carried out by experienced professionals who have built many successful legal websites. Here are some of the services that help build your website.

  • Website Design – Our team will design your entire probate website and expand on pages for maximum efficiency.
  • Website Hosting – We will take care of securing a web host and ensuring that everyday functionality is sustained.
  • SEO – Our team conducts extensive keyword research to provide your law firm with the very best organic results in regard to wills, trusts and estates.

Marketing your Website

Once you have a professional attorney website in place, then comes the task of marketing your service. There is a variety of options to choose from and something that could meet the budget of every law firm. Here is a look at some of the marketing methods we utilize to broaden the reach of your website to clients looking for help with wills, trusts and estates.

  • PPC – Pay per click advertising is conducted in a detailed manner so that you do not wind up overspending on unnecessary clicks.
  • SEM – Search Engine Marketing is a way to guarantee your law firm shows up top in Google searches.
  • Social Media – We can take care of every aspect of your social media presence with strategies and marketing plans to fit your law firm.

Monitoring your website

As your trusted online marketing service, our professionals will monitor your activity. This starts out with an evaluation and continues with solutions and ongoing maintenance. Monitoring trends, traffic and activity is part of our service and that includes the following.

  • Website Auditing – We will identify any problem areas in your website and suggest the necessary fixes.
  • Transparent reporting – We provide an accessible dashboard to clients so they can see what changes are being made on how they are faring.
  • Live Chat – Installing a live chat guarantees that you will never miss a chance to interact with a potential client.
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