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Lawyers who specialize in criminal defense deal with a specific target audience. Most people facing criminal charges are in a hurry to find legal representation. This is why it is important to have an online presence capable of bringing in new clients. Above Law Marketing can convert those leads with a variety of online criminal law marketing services.

Website Design and Hosting

Criminal lawyers need to reach a certain segment of the population and website design and hosting can build a platform to carry out that task. Above Law Marketing can take care of all the details that come with building a website in a way that it is user friendly to those who are facing criminal charges.

Live Chat

Most offenders find their criminal attorneys online. Most of those people also carry a bit of fear. Logging onto a criminal law attorney website and being able to interact on a Live chat could be the first step in easing their apprehension. That could be the difference of adding new clients as a Live chat begins to establish a connection between an offender and a criminal lawyer.

Social Media

Social media marketing can play a big role in landing new clients who are facing criminal charges. Being able to showcase a law firm’s capabilities across social media platforms can prove to be invaluable. At Above Law Marketing, we can build the brand of your law firm by establishing a visible social media presence.

Website Auditing and Transparent Reporting

A website audit is a way of identifying the problem areas for a criminal law firm. The results of this audit can lead to a vast amount of improvements which are also monitored through our transparent reporting. Our team of experts provide clients with access to an easy-to-use dashboard that provides transparent reports on a daily basis.


Good criminal attorney websites are often defined by top-quality SEO (Search Engine Optimization). We do extensive keyword research and stay updated on all the latest Google algorithms to ensure your website continues to be ranked among the top websites in your area.


Whether you are looking for SEM (Search Engine Marketing) or PPC (Pay-Per-Click) advertising, we can make it cost-efficient and successful. Both campaigns have specific details that work towards attaining new criminal law clients. We also ensure that your money does not go to waste with useless impressions or clicks.

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