PPC For Attorneys

Pay per click (PPC) advertising for attorneys is an excellent way to attract new clients without having to spend a fortune on procuring leads. PPC campaigns have a certain design and finesse to them, promoting the need for a team of professional online marketers to oversee the process. Above Law Marketing puts together effective PPC campaigns for attorneys and law firms specializing in all practice areas.

Why hiring a PPC marketing is important

Paying for marketing online is not as simple as doling out funds to Google. Inexperienced marketers can run into issues. For example, law firms could wind up overspending if they are reaching the wrong customers in the wrong locations. Law firms and attorneys need to reach local clients and paying per click in a national market would simply be a waste of money.

At Above Law Marketing, we won’t let your PPC campaign extend to the wrong audience. We understand all the perimeters that exist with this type of marketing. The use of Google AdWords is the top PPC tool used by lawyers. And it’s important to position your campaign so that you do not get an overabundance of clicks right away from the wrong users, as that could wipe away your budget almost immediately.

A Digital Team working for you

At Above Law Marketing, we provide your law firm with a digital team that will work within your budget. Your PPC campaign will be tailored and monitored so that you won’t ever go over your monthly budget. We help your PPC campaign by carrying out the following:

  • Improve conversion rate of PPC campaign
  • Provide extensive keyword research
  • Build a proficient landing page for campaign
  • Design a keyword strategy
  • Target appropriate users at appropriate times
  • Track performance of ads

It should also be noted that most online marketing is not an overnight solution. Content marketing takes time and that requires continued monitoring, although a PPC campaign can yield much faster results. One of the biggest benefits of a PPC campaign is its speed to market. PPC campaigns launched by Above Law Marketing can generate success in a matter of days. This comes through selective and appropriate use of keywords.

We also make continual modifications to PPC campaigns and coordinate efforts with SEO. Mining keyword data from the ads is also a way of determining the specific content that will appear on your website. Above Law Marketing is ready to provide top-quality PPC for attorneys and law firms.

Experienced & Professional

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