Website Auditing

Having a website is just the start for any law firm or attorney. Even the sleekest design is not going to guarantee traffic. A website audit is important to help businesses maximize their online presence as it measures its overall effectiveness. Above Law Marketing conducts website auditing for legal services to help determine what steps need to be taken to increase its overall productivity.

Our website auditing process provides detailed insight into the performance of your legal website. It also identifies your top competitors and then provides actionable intelligence on what improvements need to be made to your online footprint. We have a team of experts conducting these audits, although the results are explained in simple terms and do not require a technical background to understand. Here is a look at the various facets analyzed through our comprehensive website auditing service.

  • Speed of website
  • Meta Descriptions
  • Title tags
  • Quality of content
  • Keyword density
  • Word count
  • Duplicate content
  • Technical SEO
  • Security of Website
  • Online reputation
  • Domain authority

Benefits of Law Firm Website Auditing

One of the major benefits of a website audit is that Above Law Marketing can identify any discrepancies that could lead to penalization by Google. That could be a reason for poor ranking. Identifying those discrepancies is the first step towards improving your ranking with Google. By removing and remediating those discrepancies, our team can successfully use website audits to gain your website more visibility.

Our audits can also identify issues with the website architecture while it also gauges user engagement, functionality and the health of a website. If a website is susceptible to security breaches, we can also recommend steps to fix the problem.

Conversion Rate and Social Media Presence

A website audit also measures conversion rate, which is an important metric for law firms and attorneys. One of the major goals of establishing a strong online presence is to convert leads into clients. Our audits can show you where those conversions were lost and that can result into further optimizations to improve responses from users.

Website traffic is impacted by a law firm’s social media presence. In the event that an audit shows that a social media strategy is lacking, efforts can then be made for improving that stagey for the purpose of generating more relevant leads. Above Law Marketing takes a look at all aspects in our comprehensive website auditing for lawyers and law firms.

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